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Case study of Jinan opening machine


Due to the variety of spinning raw materials, fiber properties and impurities, the opening process of raw materials is also different. In cotton spinning, the opening of raw cotton is an independent process, which is carried out on the opening and cleaning combined machine. At the same time of raw cotton opening, there are additional functions such as mixing, impurity removal and dust removal. In wool spinning, the opening of raw wool is often combined with washing, drying and blending. In silk spinning, the opening and removal of impurities are carried out in the process of making cotton.

The opening quality of various fiber raw materials mainly depends on the process, and different process principles should be adopted for different raw materials. For example, when processing raw cotton in cotton spinning, the technological principles of first loosening and then beating, more loosening and less returning, reasonable striking, early falling and less crushing are adopted. When processing short chemical fiber or medium long fiber, because chemical fiber raw material is fluffy, does not contain impurities, only contains a small number of fiber defects, so the process principle of more combing and less beating, less elimination and more recovery is adopted. According to the principle of combination of opening and cleaning machinery and configuration process. The raw materials with too tight packing, water or impurities should be pretreated. The tight packed raw materials should be pre opened or unpacked first to allow sufficient time for natural release; the raw materials with excessive water content should be dried before opening, so as to improve the opening effect of raw materials.

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