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Do you dare to say that you have untied the delivery machine?

There are a lot of disordered fiber items that need to be loosened by the conveyor. As we all know, once the fiber is entangled, it will not only have a great impact on the use experience, but also affect the beauty. Just like cotton, the cotton before and after loosening is not the same at all, so this machine is widely used at present. Let's take a look Get up and learn more about this machine.


The opener is a kind of large equipment which can remove impurities. It can loosen compressed and tangled fibrous materials and remove impurities. Various fiber materials used in spinning, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fiber, cotton, hemp, polyester, rag, etc. Most of them are transported in bags to textile mills. The packing density of raw materials is generally 200 ~ 650 kg / m3, while that of Chinese raw cotton is about 330 ~ 400 kg / m3. In order to produce high quality spinning, it is necessary to loosen the raw materials, remove various impurities and mix them evenly. The opening quality of fiber material has an important influence on the quality of semi-finished products and finished yarn, and also saves materials.

The flowering of fiber materials was done by hand very early. For example, in the case of wool, the tufts are first torn and shaken by hand, then beaten with a stick or loosened with bowstring. For seed cotton, separate the seed from the fiber by hand, and then loosen the fiber with bowstring. It was not until the advent of machine spinning in the 18th century that it was necessary to reserve more raw materials, reduce the transportation of raw materials, and then bundle loose fiber materials into packages, which required finding a mechanical method to open the raw materials and remove impurities. Since then, a variety of flowering devices and impurity removal machines have emerged.


The above is to share with you about the details of the machine, do not know if it is helpful to you? In recent years of development, this machine is more and more widely used, if you want to know more about this machine, you can pay more attention to our website to get more information about this machine.

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