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about opening machine,All you want to know is here!

Flowering equipment is mainly divided into non-woven fabric flowering equipment and cotton flowering equipment. However, with the rise of the market, flowering equipment is more and more widely used. At present, in addition to non-woven fabrics and cotton flowers, but also used for sweater, socks, old clothes and other fiber fabrics flowering. And now more and more industries began to use this device flowering machine.


Flowering machine can produce common white flowering materials. Before entering the flowering equipment, the cotton layer should be effectively clamped by feeding, so that the cotton layer can preliminarily comb the fiber under the action of the flowering device stick. There are a variety of feeding devices, you can choose according to your needs. When the amount of wool in the storage box of the opener reaches the set value, the corner nail curtain stops running, that is, the cotton supply stops. The electric control device sends a signal, the air cylinder runs to open the cotton storage box, and the fiber falls on the conveying chain of the coarse opening machine under the action of gravity and circulates in turn.

In this process, the fibers are initially opened, and the fibers are initially mixed under the action of the driving curtain, corner nail curtain and cotton roller in the opener. After compaction, the raw materials must be opened first, and then the raw materials will be made into fine cotton bundles by the opener to remove impurities and defects and mix them evenly. Opening, cleaning and mixing are interrelated, and opening is a prerequisite for removing impurities and mixing. Only when the fibers are opened into small cotton bundles and further opened into single fibers, can impurities be removed and fully mixed.


On the one hand, cleanliness is an effective index to measure the performance of flowering machine. What percentage of impurities can be removed from non-woven fabrics and cotton? Different types of flowering equipment are different, so this is an aspect to be considered when purchasing. The flowering equipment itself is composed of several dust poles, forming a fence like protection net. After the non-woven fabric enters and is hit by the high-speed beater, the impurities will quickly separate and be thrown out through the fence net. The other outlet is pure fiber material. However, if it is used with the nailing machine, it can achieve a good effect of removing impurities.

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