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Quality identification and cleaning skills of opener

The opener is a very popular machine at present. The advantage of this machine is that the product of opening is finer, and there is no knot phenomenon. With the application of this machine in recent years, the work quality has been greatly improved. So how to identify its quality? How to clear it? With this article, let's have a detailed understanding.


How to distinguish the quality of the opener:

1. Type and quantity of impurities and defects in semi-finished products.

2. Structure and uniformity of semi-finished products.

3. The content of short fiber in semi-finished products.

4. The opening of the fiber block is expressed by the average weight of the fiber block, the weight per unit volume or the free settling velocity of the fiber block in the air.

5. The number of spinnable fibers in the drop.

In order to further improve the opening quality and yarn quality of fiber raw materials, the main development direction of opening technology is to improve the form and structure of machine parts, widely use taker in roller, carding machine or carding roller to separate carding parts, improve the opening degree of fiber block, and improve the structure and uniformity of semi finished products. Strengthen the pre opening of fiber materials. In the process of kick-off, try to play more free kick and less grip. Airflow and other openings as well as impurity removal methods are used to avoid fiber damage and impurity fragmentation, thereby reducing yarn defects.

Machine cleaning:

In the cleaning process, it is necessary to open the protective cover on the pressure surface of the machine, open the control box, and then clean. The main purpose is to clean the floss in the electromagnetic clutch. The oil around the pedal box should also be cleaned, so it is necessary to clean the flower hair in the control box. When checking the roller device and tension device of the machine, it is necessary to clean the flower pile on the side of the roller, and check the guide wire and yarn guide to keep them smooth. When checking the tension, check whether the screw is loose and tighten it in time.


As for the quality identification and cleaning of the driving machine, the above article is the answer to you. I wonder if it can help you in front of the screen? In recent years, the application scope of this machine is more and more extensive. When you use it, you must pay attention to the daily maintenance, which can effectively prolong the use time of this machine and reduce the use cost.

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