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Do you know everything about the use of the opening machine?

I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the "opening equipment". The opening equipment is a well-known flying shovel equipment in recent years. With the wide application of the opening equipment in recent years, many partners are curious about what the opening equipment is for. In fact, the opening equipment is used for fiber loosening. The cotton we use is the loosening equipment. Let's go with this article To understand the use of the opener bar, I hope to help you in front of the screen.


The maintenance of the opener is related to the quality and output of the opening equipment in the later stage. The opening equipment manufacturers should strengthen the management of the corresponding opening equipment workers, unify the operation methods, and bring the maintenance of the opening equipment into the normal production management track.

When cleaning the opening and releasing equipment, it is necessary to open the protective cover on the pressure surface of the opening and releasing equipment, open the control box, and do a good job of cleaning, mainly to clean the flowers in the electromagnetic clutch and the oil pollution around the pedal box. When checking the roller device and tension device of the loosening device, remove the flower pile on the edge of the roller, and check the guide pin and yarn guide to keep them smooth. When checking the tension, check the looseness of the screw.

The manufacturer of the opening equipment suggests to check the opening equipment regularly. During inspection, carefully check whether the side support of the loosening device is bent or damaged. Due to the high requirements for the assembly specification of the side support of the opening equipment, if the side support is damaged or the position assembly is not standard, the operation process of the opening equipment will be affected. Therefore, it is also a process of maintaining the opening device.


The above is the use of the opener, I do not know if you have a deeper understanding of the opening equipment after reading the above? With the wide application of the opening equipment in recent years, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development trend of the opening equipment. When purchasing the opening equipment, you must pay attention to the quality of the opening equipment and choose a reliable opening device Equipment manufacturers to purchase, and how to purchase the opening equipment, but also pay attention to the opening equipment manufacturers have after-sales service.

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