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How to maintain the opening machine? See below for details

The development of economy promotes the continuous progress of industry. We all know that there are many kinds of equipment in industry, including can opener. If it is used for a long time, it will break down, and the opening device is no exception. So in the usual use of opening equipment, if there is a fault, how to repair it? The following brings you the maintenance method of the opener, with this article, let's learn about it.


Opening and maintenance methods and steps of the opener

First of all, check whether the power socket, plug and power cord are deoxidized or damaged. If not, plug in the power supply and leave the machine. When the motor is energized and does not rotate, pressure is applied to the wind vane. In this case, it is usually necessary to clean the motor after shutdown and power failure. In another case, it does not rotate when it is energized, but it can rotate when external force is applied, but weak current noise will be emitted from the motor, which is caused by the slight leakage of starting capacitor. If the current noise is too large, the motor can not start at all, it can be concluded that it is caused by the start capacitor short circuit.

Maintenance steps:

1. Check whether the bearing is in good lubrication condition: oil should be injected frequently to keep lubrication.

2. Check that all fasteners are tight. Check that the drive belt is correctly installed and in good condition. If the belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or pulley, clean it with a clean cloth.

3. Check whether the protection device is in good condition, and eliminate the unsafe phenomenon of the protection device in time.

4. Check the damaged cavity for any material or other debris and remove if necessary. Prevent fire as unnecessary loss.

5. Check the rack and machine set screws regularly.


The above is the maintenance method of the opener, hoping to help you in-depth understanding of the screen? As a kind of fiber loose equipment, the fiber itself is not easy to handle, so when you use the opening equipment at ordinary times, you should carry out regular maintenance on the opening equipment to extend the service life of the opening equipment.

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