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Pay attention to these when maintaining flowering machine!

The maintenance of flowering equipment is related to whether the quality and yield of flowering equipment can be maintained stably in the later stage. Flowering equipment manufacturers should strengthen the management of the corresponding flowering equipment workers, unify the operation methods, and bring the maintenance of flowering equipment into the normal production management track. With this article, let's learn how to maintain the flowering machine.


In the cleaning work of flowering machine, it is necessary to open the protective cover on the pressure surface of flowering equipment, open the control box, and do a good job of cleaning, mainly to clean the flower hair in the electromagnetic clutch and the grease around the foot box. When checking the yarn roller device and tension device of the flower forming equipment, remove the flower pile at the edge of the yarn roller, and check the guide pin and yarn guide device to keep them smooth. When checking the tension, check the looseness of the screw.

It is recommended to check flowering equipment regularly. When checking, carefully check whether the side support of flowering equipment is bent or damaged. Due to the high requirements for the assembly specification of the side brace of flowering equipment, if the side brace is damaged or the position assembly is not standard, the operation process of flowering equipment will be affected. Therefore, we should do a good job in the inspection and maintenance of flowering equipment, which is also a process of equipment maintenance.

Moreover, when we use the flowering equipment, we should strictly use it according to the use specification of the flowering equipment, and we should pay attention to the maintenance of the flowering equipment at ordinary times, which can effectively extend the service life of the flowering equipment and reduce the use cost of the flowering equipment.


The above is the maintenance of flowering machine. I hope you will have a deeper understanding of flowering equipment after reading the above? In recent years, the application range of flowering equipment is more and more wide, and with the wide application of flowering equipment in recent years, the supply of flowering equipment on the market is increasing, so you should choose reliable manufacturers to purchase flowering equipment, Shop around, and don't be greedy about small and cheap when choosing flowering equipment, but also need to know whether the manufacturer will provide after-sales service, because after-sales service can save a lot of trouble.

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