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Do you know the flowering machine?

Flowering equipment as the current processing of fiber machinery, now flowering equipment in recent years has a very wide range of applications, whether it is the loose cotton or some winding fiber processing, flowering equipment is competent, let's follow this article, let's have a detailed understanding of this equipment, hope to help you.


Due to the diversity of spinning materials, fiber properties and impurities, the flower forming process of raw materials is also different. In cotton spinning, the blooming of raw cotton is an independent process, which is carried out on the blooming machine. When raw cotton blooms, it produces additional functions such as mixing, impurity removal and dust removal. In wool spinning, top opening is usually combined with washing, drying and blending, and a combination of washing dryer and blending machine is used. In silk spinning, the blooming and impurity removal of fine cotton are carried out in the cotton making process.

What is the function of flowering equipment? The blooming equipment combs, nets, needles, strengthens and strengthens fluffy, weak fiber and recycled cotton into products of different specifications, such as needle punched cotton, thermal insulation felt, greenhouse quilt raw materials, shoe materials, mattresses, sofa cushions, automobile inner cushions and chemical products. The web is repeatedly pierced by spines with triangular or other cross-sections and hooks on the edges. The web removed from the machine by means of a cross mesh or air mesh machine is very fluffy when fed into the blooming device, but the strength is very poor because of the cohesion between the fibers. When multiple needles are inserted into the fiber mesh, the barb hook on the needle will drive the fibers on the surface and underground of the mesh to move from the plane direction of the mesh to the vertical direction of the mesh, so that the fibers move up and down. The fibers moving up and down squeeze the mesh to a certain extent, so that the fibers of the mesh are closely combined.


The above is the detailed information of the flowering machine. I don't know if you have a deeper understanding of the flowering equipment after reading the above? Because the flowering equipment often processes fibers, the flowering equipment should be cleaned regularly, and attention should be paid to the use of the flowering equipment at ordinary times, which not only ensures the service life of the flowering equipment, but also reduces the use cost of the flowering equipment.

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