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What should be paid attention to when using the flowering machine? What is the operation principle of the equipment?

Flowering equipment is a mainstream fiber flowering equipment, fiber is a very difficult thing to deal with, because its composition is relatively thin, it is easy to knot, so the main use of flowering equipment is to help fiber separation, achieve the desired effect, and the cleaning of flowering equipment is also relatively difficult, because of the need to deal with fiber, it is difficult to clean up Let's have a look at the cleaning and operation principle of the flowering machine.


Cleaning items of flowering machine:

In the cleaning process, it is necessary to open the protective cover on the pressure surface of flowering equipment, open the control box, and then clean. The main purpose is to clean the floss in the electromagnetic clutch. The oil around the pedal box should also be cleaned, so it is necessary to clean the flower hair in the control box. When checking the yarn roller device and tension device of the blooming device, be sure to clean the hair accumulated on the side of the roller, and check the guide wire and yarn guide to keep them smooth. When checking the tension, check whether the screw is loose and tighten it in time.

During the inspection, carefully check whether the side supports of flowering equipment are bent or damaged. Due to the high requirements for the assembly specification of the side brace, the normal operation of the flower maker will be affected if the side brace is damaged or the positioning assembly is not standardized.


Operating principle of flowering machine:

Any combination from single box to multi box; the serialization level of any type of non-woven fabric blooming equipment, the generalization level of parts and components, and the cost performance ratio are very high. The position corresponds to the wire automatic winding and locking processor in the prior art. The swing plate in the middle of the corresponding side pressing plate is fixedly installed with a reinforcing plate, and the side plate of the threading box is provided with a threading hole, so as to solve the solid waste problem of packing. In order to solve this problem, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the normal operation of flowering equipment. However, we should realize that this is very beneficial to us, but not harmful. And in the use of flowering equipment, remember to use strictly according to the manufacturer's use standards, because only qualified use of flowering equipment, can ensure the long-term use of flowering equipment.

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