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Flowering machine is so useful!

The traditional loosening method is carried out by hand. First of all, raw materials that need to be loosened by hand are torn and shaken evenly, and then beaten with a stick or loosened with bowstring. With the continuous development of textile industry, the demand for raw materials is increasing, and the number of loose raw materials in the production process is also increasing. Manual loosening can not meet the requirements at all. Since then, flowering machines have appeared.


Flowering machine is mainly used for loose fiber, cotton, textiles and other materials. By tearing, large tangled fibers are loosened into small pieces or bundles. At the same time, the loosening process is accompanied by mixing and impurity removal. An elastic machine usually consists of a pair of feed rolls or a feed roll and an elastic cylinder. The open cylinder is fitted with corner pins or combs or needles or clothing. For more thorough loosening, some cylinders are equipped with work rolls and stripping rolls. Different structures have obvious differences in loosening effect, mixing effect and impurity removal effect. Therefore, different types of elastic machines should be used in different production lines. It can also be loose according to the raw material, and the loose fiber can be sent to the carding machine for processing.

Due to the different types of spinning materials, the fiber properties and impurities are different, so the opening process of raw materials is also different. In the process of cotton spinning, the opening of raw cotton is a process in flowering equipment and cleaning machine. When the raw cotton becomes loose, it will produce additional functions, such as mixing, impurity removal and dust removal.

In wool spinning, the loosening of raw wool is usually combined with washing, drying and wool, and the open washing dryer is combined with wool machine. In the production of silk spinning, dry cotton is loosened and impurities are removed in the cotton making process.


The above is a detailed introduction to the flowering machine. I wonder if you have a deeper understanding of the flowering equipment after reading the above? With the wide application of flowering equipment in recent years, more and more people begin to pay attention to the development trend of flowering equipment, and want to buy flowering equipment. If you want to buy flowering equipment, we suggest you find a reliable manufacturer to buy it Only quality assurance, there are good after-sales waiting for you.

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