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Take you to understand the cleaning and manufacturing requirements of the opener

The opening equipment is the main machine to deal with fiber items. The opening equipment can effectively disperse the fiber products and achieve the desired effect. The cotton we usually use is the opening equipment, but the opening equipment often processes the fiber, and the fiber is very difficult to deal with. So, let's learn about the cleaning matters of the opener together Manufacturing requirements.


Cleaning items of opener:

1. The impurities in the opening equipment come from the impurities left in the raw material carding, if not cleaned, it will affect the normal operation of the opening equipment.

2. When cleaning the opening and loosening equipment, the sundries inside the machine and each cotton track shall be cleaned, and the dust and slag in the sealing gasket shall be cleaned.

3. The opening equipment should be cleaned every three months. In order to reduce the maintenance and cleaning work in the later stage, metal and other hard sundries should be removed before the fiber enters the opening equipment to avoid damaging the equipment.


Manufacturing requirements of opener:

In order to manufacture the opening equipment, we must consider greatly increasing the output and developing new varieties, but the main purpose is to continuously improve the quality of the products. Therefore, the designed opening equipment has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and good quality. Good quality, simple structure, easy to use and maintain, low material consumption, low cost, constantly meet the needs of consumers. In order to meet the above requirements, designers need to consider the technical and economic indicators of the machine, such as processing range, output, quality, consumption, hydraulic oil required, operation and maintenance performance, manufacturability, cost and new use products.

Traditional technical and economic indicators are interrelated and influence each other. Therefore, the design needs to meet the specific requirements of the party's and the state's principles and policies. We must grasp the key points and handle the relationship between the key points to achieve the goal of rapid economy. In the relationship between manufacturing and using processing machines, it should be based on the other side. Most of them are for use. Do not emphasize the convenience of single side manufacturing, which will affect the performance of the machine. Innovation is only time, but use is long-term. Of course, without affecting the order of use, it is necessary to consider the convenience of manufacturing, which is conducive to gradual improvement and cost reduction.

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