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Flowering machine daily cleaning must not fall!

Flowering equipment is widely used at present. The main application scope of flowering equipment is that the flowering equipment can effectively open the fiber items and make the fiber items softer. The cotton we usually see is from the flowering equipment, and the cotton just picked becomes a ball. After the processing of the flowering equipment, it becomes soft and more, and the current flowering equipment should With higher and higher frequency, it has gradually become an indispensable equipment. Daily cleaning is indispensable. Now, let's learn about the cleaning matters of flowering machine.


In the process of cleaning, it is necessary to open the protective cover of the pressure surface of the flowering machine, open the control box, and then clean it. It is mainly to clean the floss in the electromagnetic clutch, and the oil around the pedal box should also be cleaned, which needs to be cleaned in the control box. When checking the roller device and tension device of blooming equipment, it is necessary to clean the accumulated hair on the side of the roller, and check the guide wire and yarn guide to keep them smooth. While checking the tension, check whether the screws are loose and tighten them in time.

The manufacturer of flowering equipment suggests that during the inspection, carefully check whether the side brace of flowering equipment is bent or damaged. Because the requirements for the assembly specification of the side brace of flowering equipment are relatively high, if the side brace is damaged or the position assembly is not standardized, the normal operation of flowering equipment will be affected.


The above is for you to sort out about the cleaning matters of flowering machine, I wonder if you have a deeper understanding of flowering equipment after reading the above? With the application range of flowering equipment becoming wider and wider in recent years, the product sales of flowering equipment are also getting higher and higher. However, when you purchase flowering equipment products, you must pay attention to choose professional ones It is very important for flowering equipment manufacturers to purchase, and we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of flowering equipment when using flowering equipment in daily life, so as to prolong the service life of flowering equipment.

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