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What is the use of flowering machine? It's too late to know!

I believe you have heard of "spring cotton", the flower machine used in cotton is a machine widely used in recent years. The flower machine can not only play cotton, but also carry out some fiber separation and so on. In recent years, the frequency of flower machine is very wide. Now, let's learn about the use of flowering machine, hoping to help you.


Usage of flowering machine:

1. The beating speed of the machine directly affects the impact strength of beating on the cotton layer. When the feeding mode is fixed, the speed of the flower machine is high and the effect of opening and removing impurities is good. However, if the speed is too high, impurities are easy to be broken, it is easy to swing the white flowers or tighten the cotton bundle, which reduces the impurities in the noil. When processing raw materials with long fibers, less impurities or low maturity, a lower beating degree is usually used.

2. The distance from the spinner to the roller affects the tearing force of the blade in the cotton layer. Small distance, good opening effect, but too small, will not damage the fiber. A036 porcupine opener is suitable for spinning cotton fibers less than 31mm. The spacing is 6 mm and cannot be adjusted. When processing chemical fiber, the contrast distance is 11 mm.

3. The distance from the flower machine to the dust collecting rod becomes loose, the volume increases, and the interval from the inlet to the outlet becomes larger. When the spacing is small, the probability of cotton block being blocked by dust rod will increase, and the quantity of lint will also increase. On the contrary, when the spacing is larger, the lint decreases. In general, medium sized yarns are spun with 10-12 mm inlet spacing and 17-18.5 mm exit spacing. Because this distance is not easy to adjust, when the performance of raw cotton changes little, it is generally not adjusted.


4. The distance between flowering machine and stripping knife should be smaller, generally 1.5 ~ 2mm. If it's too big, it's easy to rewind and spin. At the dust collecting box, due to the increase of air flow and the reduction of impurities, the distance between them is small. It should be pointed out that in some industries, due to the different machine structures, combined with the air comb control, the dust bar spacing from the inlet to the outlet is also configured into three sizes: large, small and large.

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