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Read this article to refresh your understanding of flowering machine!

Speaking of "flower machine", I believe you will not be unfamiliar, flower machine is a popular machine in recent years, the main use of flower machine is loose fiber materials, mainly used in clothing manufacturing and some textile manufacturing, and in recent years of development, flower machine product sales are increasing, many small partners still do not understand the flower machine, the following with this Wen, let's learn more about it.


What is flowering machine? Flower machine is a large-scale equipment that can remove impurities. It can loosen and remove impurities from compacted and tangled fibrous materials. All kinds of fiber materials used for spinning, such as raw cotton, wool, chemical staple fiber and cotton, flax, polyester, dishcloth, etc., are mostly transported to textile mills in bundles.

In order to produce high quality spinning, it is necessary to loosen the raw materials, remove various impurities and mix them evenly.

Flower machine is mainly divided into non-woven fabric flower machine and cotton flower machine, but with the rise of more industries and the market development of new products, the application scope of flower machine is also more extensive. At present, in addition to the use of non-woven fabric and cotton flower, it is also used in the flower of fiber fabrics such as sweater knitting waste, socks knitting waste, old clothes and so on. Flower machine can produce common white flowering materials,

Due to the variety of spinning materials, fiber properties and impurities in fancy knitting process, the opening process of raw materials is also different. In cotton spinning, the opening of raw cotton is an independent process, which is carried out on the opening and cleaning combined machine. At the same time of raw cotton opening, there are additional functions such as mixing, impurity removal and dust removal. In wool spinning, the opening of raw wool is often combined with washing, drying and blending. In silk spinning, the opening and removal of impurities are carried out in the process of making cotton.


The above is the in-depth understanding of the flowering machine, do not know if it is helpful for you? If you want to know more about the flower machine, you can pay more attention to our website to learn more about the flower machine.

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