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Explain the use value and detail analysis of flowering machine in detail

Flowering machine, this kind of equipment for ordinary consumers may not be familiar, but in the textile industry, it is a very common equipment, which is mainly used for the processing of raw materials, is the basic equipment of production. Today, Jinan xinjinlong explains the use value and detail analysis of the opener.


Many consumers are familiar with the use of the opener, and the details are very important. Today I'd like to introduce the details of attention when using the device.

1. Before entering the equipment, the raw materials should be loosened. The fiber should have temperature, humidity and oil content to avoid the phenomenon of mutual adsorption and flying between fiber and equipment caused by static electricity during fiber processing.

2. According to the specific situation of production, enterprises can adopt the method of humidifying stuffy cotton, centralized control of temperature and humidity or local heating and humidification.

3. With the flowering equipment, the raw materials can be transported to use, and several processes are required before loosening.

How to improve the use value of flowering machine?

1. When using the opener for the first time, it is necessary to operate according to the requirements of the manual, and apply lubricating oil to the machine according to the schematic diagram to ensure the smooth operation of all parts of the machine. The oil injection of the equipment should be based on the principle of small number of times to prevent oil stains from flowing out.

2. Attention should be paid to the groove and pipeline reserved oil stains regularly clean, use suitable tools to deal with the residue, to avoid oil residue absorbing dust for a long time.

3. The fan duct should be cleaned at intervals, and the dust remover can be used if conditions permit. Dust collection bags can also be installed at the outlet of the fan pipe to prevent dust from entering into the pipeline and being affected.

The above is to explain the use value and details of flowering machine in detail, hoping to help you. If you want to know more about the use value and details of the opener, please pay attention to our website and look forward to your consultation.

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