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Precautions and maintenance skills of flowering machine

In the process of using the flowering machine, there are many precautions. First of all, before operation and use, we should have a certain understanding of the flowering machine, learn and master the correct operation method, to avoid unnecessary loss in the later use process. Next, the manufacturer will introduce the operation precautions and maintenance skills.


What precautions do you need to pay attention to in operating the flowering machine

After the equipment is transported to the workshop, it needs to work with other equipment, which inevitably leads to wire confusion. Acupuncture machines also need to be used together, which may lead to the accumulation of raw materials. If the corresponding measures are not taken, it is easy to cause fire. The manufacturer reminds everyone to straighten out the wires before use to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

In the process of operation, the staff need to take protective measures to avoid injury to the staff when the flowering machine suddenly fails. Usually, some employees are injured every year due to improper operation of flowering machine, which not only causes harm to employees, but also brings losses to manufacturers.

In the long-term use of the bottle opener, it is necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance work. The maintenance of equipment is related to whether the equipment can keep normal operation for a long time. Operators need to have a full understanding of the equipment and operate the equipment in strict accordance with the operating specifications.

How to maintain flowering machine correctly

1. Open the protective cover outside the pressure gauge of the opener, open the control box, and clean the dust or debris inside to ensure the cleanness of the opener.

2. Check the yarn roller device and tension device of the equipment. It is necessary to clean the dust and accumulated cotton wool between the edge sliding blocks of yarn roller.

3. After use, it is necessary to stop loosening the machine for inspection. It is necessary to check each component for any problems or the need to add lubricating oil. According to the manufacturer, the lubricant added to the bearing components helps to reduce wear and prolong its service life.

The above is the flowering machine use precautions and maintenance skills of knowledge, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about flowering machine knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website dynamic, we will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your consultation.

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