• Precautions and maintenance skills of flowering machine

    In the process of using the flowering machine, there are many precautions. First of all, before operation and use, we should have a certain understanding of the flowering machine, learn and master the correct operation method, to avoid unnecessary loss in the later use process. Next, the manufacturer will introduce the operation precautions and maintenance skills.What precautions do you need to pay attention to in operating the flowering machineAfter the equipment is transported to the workshop,

  • Analysis of flowering machine in the daily use of common precautions

    Flowering machine is a kind of common mechanical equipment in textile industry. It is mainly used to loosen raw materials and is an essential equipment in the production line. Today, Jinan xinjinlong shares with you the matters needing attention in the daily use of this equipment.The opening equipment can adjust the width of cotton yarn. The barrel roller is a special cotton yarn processing machine integrating cotton yarn pressure kneading and fan dust removal. This machine is suitable for all l

  • How to judge the quality of flowering machine and how to solve the problems

    I believe many of my friends have heard of it. This is the traditional technology of loosening the massive fiber, which is just the progress of the society. This traditional craft has been unable to keep up with the development, and has gradually become an image of cultural heritage. Today, we mainly introduce the modern elastic cotton machine -- flowering machine. The production of this kind of equipment has greatly accelerated the work efficiency of the textile industry. Today, let's learn

  • Explain the use value and detail analysis of flowering machine in detail

    Flowering machine, this kind of equipment for ordinary consumers may not be familiar, but in the textile industry, it is a very common equipment, which is mainly used for the processing of raw materials, is the basic equipment of production. Today, Jinan xinjinlong explains the use value and detail analysis of the opener.Many consumers are familiar with the use of the opener, and the details are very important. Today I'd like to introduce the details of attention when using the device.1. Bef

  • The problems of the transmission device of the loosening machine

    In the production line of the textile industry, the opening machine is the initial device of production, which is to pass the raw materials into the equipment through the transmission device to loosen, remove all kinds of impurities, mix evenly, and output the usable textile fiber. Then the transmission equipment is the device that is easy to have problems. Today, let's analyze its easy problems.The process speed of non-woven fabric production line mainly ranges from 5m / min to 20m / min. A

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