• Read this article to refresh your understanding of flowering machine!

    Speaking of flower machine, I believe you will not be unfamiliar, flower machine is a popular machine in recent years, the main use of flower machine is loose fiber materials, mainly used in clothing manufacturing and some textile manufacturing, and in recent years of development, flower machine product sales are increasing, many small partners still do not understand the flower machine, the following with this Wen, let's learn more about it.What is flowering machine? Flower machine is a lar

  • What is the use of flowering machine? It's too late to know!

    I believe you have heard of spring cotton, the flower machine used in cotton is a machine widely used in recent years. The flower machine can not only play cotton, but also carry out some fiber separation and so on. In recent years, the frequency of flower machine is very wide. Now, let's learn about the use of flowering machine, hoping to help you.Usage of flowering machine:1. The beating speed of the machine directly affects the impact strength of beating on the cotton layer. When the feed

  • Quality identification and cleaning skills of opener

    The opener is a very popular machine at present. The advantage of this machine is that the product of opening is finer, and there is no knot phenomenon. With the application of this machine in recent years, the work quality has been greatly improved. So how to identify its quality? How to clear it? With this article, let's have a detailed understanding.How to distinguish the quality of the opener:1. Type and quantity of impurities and defects in semi-finished products...

  • Flowering machine daily cleaning must not fall!

    Flowering equipment is widely used at present. The main application scope of flowering equipment is that the flowering equipment can effectively open the fiber items and make the fiber items softer. The cotton we usually see is from the flowering equipment, and the cotton just picked becomes a ball. After the processing of the flowering equipment, it becomes soft and more, and the current flowering equipment should With higher and higher frequency, it has gradually become an indispensable equipm

  • Are you sure you really know the flowering machine?

    In recent years, the application range of flowering equipment is more and more extensive, and with the wide application of flowering equipment in recent years, the product sales of the whole flowering equipment market gradually increase. Many people want to know more about the flowering equipment. Now, let's learn more about the flowering machine, hoping to help you in front of the screen.The moving beater is equivalent to the impeller of the fan. Due to the continuous rotation of the beater

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