• Take you to understand the cleaning and manufacturing requirements of the opener

    The opening equipment is the main machine to deal with fiber items. The opening equipment can effectively disperse the fiber products and achieve the desired effect. The cotton we usually use is the opening equipment, but the opening equipment often processes the fiber, and the fiber is very difficult to deal with. So, let's learn about the cleaning matters of the opener together Manufacturing requirements.Cleaning items of opener:1. The impurities in the opening equipment come from the impu

  • How to avoid the failure of flowering machine? These details should be paid attention to!

    You must have seen the cotton, the machine used to bounce cotton is flowering equipment. Flowering equipment can evacuate fiber products, because of the particularity of fiber products, the quality requirements of flowering equipment are very strict, but we should pay attention to avoid the failure of flowering machine in daily use of flowering equipment. With this article, let's learn how to avoid equipment failure.How to avoid the failure of flowering machine:1. When using flowering equipm

  • Flowering machine is so useful!

    The traditional loosening method is carried out by hand. First of all, raw materials that need to be loosened by hand are torn and shaken evenly, and then beaten with a stick or loosened with bowstring. With the continuous development of textile industry, the demand for raw materials is increasing, and the number of loose raw materials in the production process is also increasing. Manual loosening can not meet the requirements at all. Since then, flowering machines have appeared.Flowering machin

  • What should be paid attention to when using the flowering machine? What is the operation principle of the equipment?

    Flowering equipment is a mainstream fiber flowering equipment, fiber is a very difficult thing to deal with, because its composition is relatively thin, it is easy to knot, so the main use of flowering equipment is to help fiber separation, achieve the desired effect, and the cleaning of flowering equipment is also relatively difficult, because of the need to deal with fiber, it is difficult to clean up Let's have a look at the cleaning and operation principle of the flowering machine.Cleani

  • Do not say I don't know, flowering machine application range is so wide!

    Flowering equipment as the current main loose fiber material machine, our common cotton and other fiber silk, are flowering equipment for loose, fiber material is difficult to deal with, after the knot is difficult to take apart, flowering equipment can achieve the fiber material loose, next, let's learn about the application scope of flowering machine, hope to help Everybody.Application scope of blooming machine: due to the diversity of spinning materials, fiber properties and impurities, t

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