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Have you noticed these operations of the equipment
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/21.html Release time:2018-06-12

In processing equipment used, we need to pay attention to one, that is safe in operation and the use of this for flowering machine, it is very important, then, how should we ensure its safe operation? Besides operating according to the instructions of the flowering machine, there are also some matters needing attention, which can be roughly summarized as the following points


1. After starting, when the machine reaches normal operation, it is allowed to feed the crops in a symmetrical manner.
2. Pay attention to the speed, sound and bearing temperature of the generator and the accelerator.
3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, fasten the upper sleeves, and wear a mask and a work cap.
4. When feeding, pay attention to whether the raw materials have hard objects, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accident.
5. Do not hang the belt when repairing and maintaining the machine.
6. If problems are found, the engine should be shut down and handled after the machine stops.

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