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A few details to note when using
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/26.html Release time:2018-06-12

Flowering machine as one of the many large equipment, in the use of flowering machine, there are a lot of use is we need to pay attention to details, such as non-woven fabrics for use before, need to opening of raw materials, otherwise it will affect the fibre opening in addition to the above this, we need to pay attention to use details, today let small make up to you to introduce it


Before the non-woven fabric to use, before blossom into the machine processing, need for raw materials for opening in the first place In the process of the whole opening and scutching, fiber must have a certain temperature and humidity and oil content, in order to prevent the fiber in the machining process caused by the generation of static electricity and equipment of mutual adsorption, entanglement, "wait for a phenomenon But it also affects the fibre opening, carding fabric is not uniform, easy to produce cloud spots Enterprises can according to the specific conditions of production, a unified humidifying smouldering cotton, or local heating centralized control temperature and humidity, humidifying method

Flowering machine not means that can be directly shipped to the raw materials for use, not like that, need several working procedure processing to opening But now, due to the requirement of the production enterprise, before shipped to factory, have all kinds of raw materials for removing impurity and dehumidification process, opening in direct can blossom into the machine

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