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How is the equipment loose
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/32.html Release time:2018-06-12

Opening machine is a lot of in the field of fiber, a kind of essential equipment to remove impurities, opening machines for the textile industry has made a great contribution, not only improve the efficiency of the opening It basically is to release the fiber materials such as cotton textiles, loose parts of fibrous materials dozen pine is going on? The fibrous material is loose


The blades, fins, spikes, or needle teeth on the high-speed rotary hitting device (commonly known as the thugs) are used to strike the fiber raw material fed or simultaneously pierce the fiber layer to divide and comb, destroying the interfiber and fiber and The bonding force between the impurities achieves the purpose of further releasing the fiber block and removing impurities. Looseing is usually performed on the basis of loosening. After the loosening, the fiber block can be loosened to a smaller extent, the fine impurities can be removed, and the structure and uniformity of the semi-finished product can be improved. According to the feeding method of fiber raw materials, the loosening effect can be divided into two forms of holding and free combat. The raw material of fiber is slowly fed in the grip state and is hit by a high-speed turning beater, which is called a grip blow. If the fiber material is fed in a free state and hit by a thug, it is called a free hit. The fibrous layer generates vibration and deformation under the action of the grip, and the plexus is released into many smaller pieces of fiber. As the impact of the thugs on the entire plexus is greater, the degree of release of the fiber blocks is higher. If the feeding amount of fiber raw material per unit time is kept constant and the speed of the beater is increased, the degree of release can be increased. When the fiber material is hit free. According to the principle of dynamics, the impulse of impact on the mass of a fiber block is equal to the change of momentum during the impulse. Under the action of the impact force, the fiber block is deformed and released to obtain a new movement speed. When the striking force is greater than the coupling force between the fibers, the fibers are loosened. Conversely, when the coupling force between the fibers is sufficiently large, the entire fiber block moves by the speed of the loosening mechanism. Therefore, the impact of free fighting is relatively modest, and the extent of fiber damage and impurity fragmentation is small. In spinning production, the type and form of the hitting are mainly determined based on the nature of the raw material of the fiber and the preparation conditions before loosening. Commonly used loosening parts include nail roller, needle roller and serrated roller, as well as porcupine beaters (also known as porcupine Xilin), wing-type beaters, comb needle beaters, integrated thugs, and teeth beaters.
The degree of loosening of the fiber raw material by the loosening device is generally expressed as the number of hits per metre of length of fiber fed to the roller or the number of hits per gram of weight of the fibrous layer. Increasing the number of blows within a certain range can increase the opening quality of the fiber raw material. However, if the number of blows is too high, fiber damage and impurities may be caused, resulting in increased fiber defects and affecting yarn quality.

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