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How to identify the quality of the equipment
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/33.html Release time:2018-06-12

Flowering machine is a kind of relatively large equipment, mainly used for removing impurity, flowering machine used in the textile industry is very extensive Not only used in the textile industry is very much, many areas are need it recently there are a lot of friends asked small make up, blossom in buying machine equipment, we should how to identify the quality of the equipment, to master this actually is not very difficult, you can refer to the following method


1、Type and quantity of impurities and defects in semi-products;
2、The structure and uniformity of parliamentary compounds;
3、The content of staple fiber in half products;
4、The opening looseness of fiber blocks is indicated by the average weight (g/piece) of fiber blocks, weight per unit volume (kg/m 3) or terminal velocity of free settlement of fiber blocks in the air.

5、The amount of fusible fibers found in transactions.

In order to further improve the quality of fiber raw material of opening and improve the yarn quality, the opening process of the main development direction is: improve the opening parts of the form and structure, widely used in roller thugs or comb comb needle roller carding machine, such as improve fiber opening degree, improve the structure of the semi-product and uniformity; To strengthen the pre-opening and loosening of fiber materials, in the process of opening and loosening, use more free blows, less grip blows; In order to reduce the yarn defects caused by air flow and other methods of opening and removing impurities, the fiber damage and impurities are avoided

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