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What fields are flowering machines used in
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/34.html Release time:2018-06-13

Flowering machine is a kind of can put the old car carpet textile gauze health materials items such as opening the recycling machine, can effectively improve the efficiency of enterprises improved and recovery of manpower is saved, many enterprises are in use, concrete flowering machine is used for what areas, suitable for opening which products


The device is the king to the production of various kinds of non-woven fabric manufacturers, suitable for acupuncture non-woven hot air craft production of non-woven fabric, such as for example geotextile cloth car automotive interior ceiling polyester filament polypropylene non-woven fabric filter cloth car deadening felt pet felt spraying collodion health car carpet products such as scrap material can use this product opening to be recycled

Due to the inevitable in the process of non-woven production the production of semi-finished or finished products leftover material, the use of opening machine recycling again at any time be fibrous, basically, not injury fiber opening effect, according to a certain proportion adding raw materials used for other purposes, or another again in this is the enterprise to provide raw materials utilization the effective ways to reduce the production cost to increase benefit

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