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Are you familiar with the application of this de
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/41.html Release time:2018-06-13

Opening machine is in the field of textile, often use a kind of equipment, it is mainly used to release the fiber material such as cotton textiles and there are many kinds of opening machine equipment, PP cotton opening machine head opening machine textile waste, opening machine and so on, are very much everyone understand the application for opening device? Let's take a look


Because there are many types of spinning material, fiber properties and impurities in the different, so the raw material of the opening process is not the same in cotton, raw cotton opening is a separate process, was conducted in the open scutching machine at the same time of raw cotton opening, produce mixed in the dust, and other additional role in wool spinning, often used the wool opening with wool washing drying hair and hair joint, using open washing drying machine and machines in waste silk spinning, and capable of cotton opening and removing impurity, was conducted in the process of the system of cotton

Opening of raw materials for fiber quality mainly depends on the process, the raw material should be used in different process of different principles Processing raw cotton in cotton spinning, for example, USES the loose before they play more loose less reasonable return Process principle of early fall less break Processing chemical short fiber or long fiber, as a result of chemical fiber raw material is fluffy, do not contain impurities, only contains a small amount of fiber defects, so the more comb less play less ruled out more recycling process principles According to the principle of combination of open cotton cleaning machine and configuration process for packing too tight water or excessive impurity of raw materials, shall generally be pre-processed The packing material shall be pre-opened and loosened, or the package shall be unpacked in full time. The raw materials with too much water should be dried before opening to improve the opening effect of the raw materials

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