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What are its technical features
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/43.html Release time:2018-06-13

The use of opening machine, could you be familiar with some relative terms, it generally suitable for use in old clothes and clothing scraps from the main processing in addition to this, can also be used for cloth such as chemical fiber for cotton fiber raw materials clear opening, let's take a look at several major technical characteristics of opening machine


1. High strength of frame, reasonable structure, compact design, stable performance and reliable performance;
2. The new specially designed pinion rack has a long service life and adopts the combined technology of "debatching, loosening and combing", with little damage to the fiber and low loss.
3. Four-roller feeding, the raw materials do not need to be cut off, but can be fed directly, which saves the manual (or machine) cutting off this process and greatly reduces the processing cost.
4. Automatic feeding device, the impurities do not need to be cleaned by hand, and the impurities are sent to the feeding curtain automatically, which reduces the labor intensity. One person can operate two machines at the same time.
5. The inorganic variable speed system is adopted, which can adjust the output and quality at will according to customers' different requirements of raw materials.
6. Bearings are used for rotating parts, with low wear and failure rate; Clearance easy to adjust, easy maintenance.
7. High output, low power consumption, loose opening, and good cleaning effect; Electric machine control feed back and forth, control sensitive, easy to operate.
8. Independent dust suction fan, good dust removal effect, clean finished products after processing, no dust working environment.
9. Fully enclosed protective cover with beautiful appearance, generous appearance and high safety performance.

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