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These elements of the operation of the device are
Source:http://www.jnxjl.com/news/49.html Release time:2018-06-13

In the textile industry, the need to use all sorts of equipment, fiber raw material in this block, the use of opening machine is indispensable This equipment can be spun yarn spinning product quality greatly, in order to ensure the quality of fiber raw material of opening, in the process of opening machine operation, some of the key points are to grasp, then, run the equipment what are the key points? See below content to know


Flowering machine transmission of shade is to take large fiber to brad curtain, brad curtain curtain rods in the process of running the nails in the fiber with, both roller beyond two pattern between fiber strip down, again by my meager sensibilities of roller, the Angle pin shade with a layer of fiber pulp fiber by stripping roller moved to the storage hopper, storage hopper textile on a balance beam body, when the fiber in storage hopper is going to reach a set weight, electrical system signal, brad curtain began converting speed, slow operation, to reduce noil quantity, to achieve the accuracy of each bearing

Above on flowering machine as part of a series and the corresponding function made a detailed introduction, but the nail machine is a single component, we buy when in use and can be used alone, you can log on to our web site detailed query

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