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Engineering case

Carding machine

Scope of application:

Mainly used for cleaning and recycling of yarn head, hemp, cloth head, chemical fiber etc

• Technical features:

1. High strength, reasonable structure, compact design, stable performance and reliable performance;

2. Special new type of loose rack, long service life, adopt the combination process of "open and loose", which has little damage to fiber and low loss.

3. 4 roller feeding materials, raw material need not be cut off, can be directly fed, save artificial (or machine) cut off this process, greatly reduced processing cost.

4. Automatic feeding device, impurities do not need to be cleaned manually, automatically send the impurities to the flowers curtain, reduce the labor intensity, one person can operate two machines simultaneously.

5. The inorganic variable speed system can be used to adjust the output and quality according to the different requirements of the customers.

6. Bearing, wearing small and low failure rate;

The clearance is easy to adjust and easy to maintain.

7. Large output, small power consumption, good cleaning and miscellaneous effects;

Electric motor control feeding, control sensitive, simple operation.

8. Independent vacuum suction fan, the dust removal is good, the finished product is clean and the working environment is free of dust.

9. Fully enclosed protective cover, beautiful appearance, generous and safe performance.

Customers highly recognized, environmental protection, safe, easy to operate, reduce labor, power saving, durable, high production efficiency, stable performance

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