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Engineering case

opening machine line


It’s used to process the rags, discarding clothes, yarn waste, hard waste, polyester, wools, glass fiber, chemical fiber, Nylon carpet etc.

Technical features:

1, Variety of model, not restricted to install, free combinative according different raw material

2, The reasonable processing technology configuration, combine the loosening, opening, cleaning, carding, progressive produce the fiber and reduce the damage of fiber

3, New innovative garnet wire design, different raw material matched the different carding cloth, greatly protect the length of fiber and lower the rate of waste

4, New feeding structure, running stable, reliable, the material can be fed directly and no need to cut into small size; Independent driving can eat the thick material with large quantity and yield

5, With clear and iron removal equipment, no need to clean up the material, dust can be removed directly. High-strength magnets installed in the machine to absorb the iron waste, avoid to breakdown the carding cloth, reduce the fire hazard

6, Clearance of removing parts is easy to adjust, not need to stop the machine, you can turn the adjustable handle to achieve the effect

7, Auto-collect and feed equipment and wind hybrid distribution, no need to remove the impurity manual, reduce the labor intensity, and the fiber looks color uniformity, no layering

8, With lubrication system, only need to press the button, lubricating oil will be automatic inject to each point

9, Enclosed dust-cleaning, low noise, high effect, protect the production environment

10, High quality bearing used in driving parts, small wear, no slip, extremely low failure rate, easy maintenance

11, Laser cutting to cut the frame with whole steel plate, precision accurate, high strength, rational construction

12, Totally enclosed shield, beautiful appearance, safety performance

Electromechanical integration control system

1,Variable-frequency speed control system, you can adjust process parameter online to meet the request state to achieve the ultimate capacity

2,Safety automatic stop device and failure warning, when the main motor traffic jam and had abnormal, the feeding will be stopped automatic, when the material in storage silo is full or absent, the motor of this section will stopped to work automatic and indicate warning until the material average, it will start to work again

3,Feeding linklock control, automatic and manual bi-directional control

4,Individual installation of control cabinet and control panel, convenient to operate

5,General control and PLC control selection, PLC controller matched the touching screen, showed the running station, running speed and efficiency. Advanced PLC controller with diversification technical parameter, fast adjustable

6,Operation illumination and removing illumination, convenient for worker to observe the working state and for maintenance

Technical data:



Roller diam


Rotate speed





21KW2900/per revolution








1, Fiber opening machine can be used to process leftover of clothes, rags, yarn waste, flax, ramie, wool, glass fiber, chemical fiber, nylon carpet etc.

2, Installation: The length of workshop must greater than 15m, width 4m, height 4.5m.

3, Worker needed: 2-3

4, Power of full set machine line: 93kw

5, Capacity: 350-500kgs/h

XWKS1000-4 t fiber opening machine main parameters:

Production: 350-500 kg/h

Complete sets of standard specifications for 604/504/502/402

Complete set of equipment for total power: 93 kw

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